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Development Updates

This page is used to keep testers current with feedback and updates

One good suggestion has been made to create a Discord server to discuss development. The server can be found here:

Link to Exception Discord server

Player suggestions under evaluation/development

Improve performance
-There is some known fill-rate related overhead due to the number of full screen effects and particles. The game uses two cameras (one for foreground action and another for background) which compounds the problem to an extent. More work will be performed to try and improve this.
-Performance dips in world 6

Exclusive fullscreen mode
-This appears to be an engine limitation (Unity) which also affects popular titles like Rust, Firewatch, Ori, Superhot and Hearthstone. The game can be built with either borderless window fullscreen or exclusive fullscreen. Sadly it cannot be changed at runtime. It is possible to add “-window-mode=exclusive” as a command line option (without the quotes) to force exclusive fullscreen mode. I’ll continue looking for a solution and/or better way to communicate the workaround.

Frame rate cap/target option
-This could be added.

More graphical options to adjust visual effects
-The ability to adjust some of the full screen effects has been requested. The background camera has a few effects which might be helpful to adjust (blur, scanlines, vignette, etc).

Reset button to quickly restart a level
-This makes a lot of sense for players that want to get a good run-time. I may default this to a keyboard button and let players remap it to a gamepad as they see fit.

Consider adding rank to level select screen
Controller config screen can provide confusing text (keyboard/gamepad)
Apply Resolution button in main menu should be renamed since it impacts FS boolean
Icon overlay on level in the level select screen to help indicate locked levels

Jump/advance button on last slide should load next level

Enemy spotlights disrupt glow effect due to shader conflict
Some objects visible through world 8 backing
World 12 borders have excessive shimmering effect on motion

Players unaware of bonus conditions
Volume settings transition does not feel smooth
Feedback for sound fx volume setting process
Switching from FS to windowed with dual monitors places the game window between both monitors
Level times are rounded to two decimal points in game but three for steam leaderboards
Boss checkpoints to reduce frustration
Option to reset byte allocations
World 9 boss is too tedious/difficult
World 12 boss is too tedious/difficult


Characters and objects occasionally extend beyond the cell border

Stage 6-4 the turret platform is missing a collider
Stage 5-7 can be cheesed with a turret projectile strike
Stage 6-5 can be bypassed at start due to trigger placement of columns
Stage 3-4 has colliders missing from outer level
Stage 8-3 enemy falls through surface at start
Stage 8-5 possible to cheese level from beam strike
Stage 8-7 explosive platform fails to disappear after crate explodes
Stage 9-3 possible to strand the player if second switch is hit before first
Stage 10-7 laser beams may not pick up correct rotation in some instances
Stage 1-5 possible to ceiling jump cheese the byte
Stage 12-6 hills allow access to area where collisions do not match geometry
Stage 13-7 homing missile may not activate due to trigger placement
Stage 13-8 boss can be accessed without level transition and breaks attacks
Stage 9-7 rotating beam by switch can load with wrong placement
Stage 7-8 the boss can be accessed without level transition and breaks behavior
Stage 11-2 a badly placed barrel can be exploited to cheese the level
Stage 14-1 beam charging sound can loop repeatedly
Stage 10-8 it is possible to access the boss by bypassing a transition
Stage 11-5 kill collider positioning causes problems when collecting byte
Stage 11-8 boss is immune to sword throw which is not consistent with other enemies
Stage 12-5 possible to trap player
Stage 2-1 can be cheesed due to bad explosive placement
Stage 7-4 blocks can be broken in an order which will draw the player to his/her death

Bounce platform velocity can be exploited by pausing the game

Level select – incorrect image for world 1-5
Some UI elements such as FS checkbox on main menu have bad slicing
Play time as reported in the main menu is broken
World select text overlay alignment is sometimes incorrect (too high)

World 13 loads very slowly
Hot plugging gamepad disables some inputs
Some keys that are locked for the UI cannot be assigned in the controls menu
World 5 level completion % will not show 100% even if all bytes are collected (might be related to negative time)
Stage 10-5 has an obvious texture alignment problem
Stage 9-5 run targets are not realistic and need to be replaced


Next Build
– destructible blocks now convey a visual cue

Build 5-25-17
– Overhauled the special attack input method
– Implemented a difficulty menu with option to increase player hitpoints
– Added an adjustable gamepad deadzone to improve controls for players using analog sticks
– Addressed UI problem on level select screen where completion % value disappears
– Engaging the Steam overlay at level end no longer superimposes a pause menu which interferes with controls
– Improved the accuracy of the continue menu action
– In-game UI now shows level number and name
– Level end stars are no longer displayed based on base time but instead net time

Build 5-19-17
– Reworked World 8 boss attacks and vulnerability
– Addressed problem with down dash attack firing incorrectly when player initiates a jump
– Addressed startup issue related to input configuration
– Addressed player damage problem when backgrounds are disabled
– Addressed problem on world 9.3 where beam would not harm player in certain circumstances
– Addressed a collider issue on world 9.3

Build 5-15-17
-Initial build for testing


Thank you to everyone that has provided feedback. Special thanks to Haste, D4niel and SiriusStar for providing feedback.