Exception Development

Discover information on the Exception development history as well as links to community discussion


Note:  This update will erase existing game progress.  This was necessary to create a more versatile save process.

– Extensive code and rendering optimizations
– Visual enhancements to most aspects of the game

Older Updates


Localization – game now supports French, German, Chinese, Japanese and Russian languages
Direction guides implemented in most levels
Bosses now have health meters
Bosses alter behavior after health has been reduced

Numerous level tweaks to improve fairness and difficulty
Limited audio clips to reduce overlap when several instances of the same effect play at once
Player hit point system revised (default is now three-hits versus two)
UI updated to clearly differentiate gamepad/keyboard input in tutorial text
Scanline visual effect reworked for a more subtle appearance
Memory optimizations


Reworked scanline effect
Particle quantity can be controlled through the Advanced Display menu
Implement an initialization file system for extra settings; details here
New initialization setting – Framerate target
New initialization setting – Disable/enable in-game UI
New initialization setting – Adjust background blur
New initialization setting – Disable/enable background scanline effect
New initialization setting – Disable/enable background edge detection
New initialization setting – Disable/enable background vignette effect
New initialization setting – Adjust gamepad analog stick deadzone buffer

Fixes Attempted
Corrected some Steam achievement problems

Improved object trail performance


Reworked some attack visual/audio effects

Fixes Attempted
Resolved some minor issues with animation transitions

Removed some leftover procedural materials to improve load times
Swapped out a handful of awkward animations


Added six new steam leaderboards which are visible by pressing left/right at level complete screen
Player can now detach/push from walls by holding ‘down’

Fixes Attempted
Cleaned up some cutscene graphics and image alignment problems
Slides no longer require the player to stop. Input method also simplified
Volume settings scale at a more predictable rate
Mouse cursor no longer visible over game

Implemented cutscene localization system to accommodate different languages
Cheat deterrents


Revision to several models, primarily UV updates with minor visual improvements
Preliminary values assigned to ‘Total Destruction’ and ‘Pacifist’ bonuses

Fixes Attempted
Now possible to use the ‘down-dash’ special while the attack button is held
No longer possible to charge attacks after the level is completed
2-1 corrected enemy bounce to goal exploit
6-8 added collider to column caps
7-4 corrected bounce exploit

1-5 jump gap shortened
12-8 boss movement and turn speed updated for difficulty
16-8 boss reworked to offer a more unique challenge


Level sound effects volume lowers at level end
Sound effect volume slider now loops a sound effect as feedback
Level select screen now has a small icon overlay to help identify locked levels

Fixes Attempted
Now possible to purchase all special attack upgrades
Play time is now recorded correctly (will continue to mis-report for existing players)
Player stats total enemies destroyed and total players deaths are now calculated
Player Stats menu back button now highlights
7-8 boss can no longer be reached without level transition
13-8 boss can no longer be reached without level transition

2-8 difficulty tuning
3-2 difficulty tuning
Boss sections of worlds 5-8, 7-8, 11-8, 13-8 and 15-8 updated to limit excessive wall hanging
8-8 boss enhanced upward attacks
9-8 level reworked and boss tweaked
15-6 first fan sequence streamlined


New input/control plugin
Now possible to hot-plug some modern gamepads
Some modern gamepads will also automatically map to default controls
Input customization menu is now more straightforward and distinguishes between gamepad/keyboard controls
Restart button has been added (default is back on xbox gamepad and backspace on keyboard)
Attempting to advance the last cutscene slide will load the next level

Fixes Attempted
Game controls now mirror menu controls
Control input text on the mapping screen is now less confusing
UI element splicing blur due to filtering/mipmaps corrected


Reworked World 12 cube outlines to improve consistency
Improved visual quality of laser on level 10-7

Fixes Attempted
In game timer now reappears if player chooses to retry a level

5-8 corrected an endless fall gap after the level transition
6-4 player can no longer pass through laser spider beam without damage
9-5 target times are now realistic/achievable
10-5 back side of moving blocks will no longer trap the player; instead now deliver painful death
10-7 player can no longer walk through laser source and bypass beam
10-7 tweaked laser beams to maintain correct rotation at all times
11-1 resolved exploit if the player drops down and attacks the enemy
11-2 removed exploit if the player ceiling jumps near the cube
12-1 player can no longer trap themselves in a block
12-3 sped up rebuild time to minimize situations where blocks can get stuck in the air
15-8 removed an invisible kill collider which the player could encounter
16-4 adjusted borders to resolve clipping/overlap along the center of the level
16-5 added more colliders to the side of the level to keep player from intersecting geometry
16-5 resolved exploit if the player strikes an electric barrier near the level start


– minimized use of procedural textures; improve load times on some levels
– destructible blocks now convey a visual cue

Fixes Attempted
Down dash attack can only be executed if it is unlocked
Level-up attack instructions updated to new input method
Player cannot charge attack while a throw is in progress
Player cannot charge unless a chargeable-attack has been unlocked
Level completion % should calculate correctly, even if player has a negative level time
Level select images in World 1 corrected
Increased filtering on main menu UI elements to prevent blurred borders
Bounce platform velocity can no longer be exploited by pausing the game
World 8 glow elements are not longer visible from opposing plane

1-5 no longer possible to break level with ceiling jump
2-1 moved explosive container which broke level
3-4 added colliders to outer level
5-7 goal cube is no longer accessible from a turret projectile strike
6-4 added collider to turret platform
6-5 bypassing level from start is now more challenging
7-4 changed smashable block attack vulnerability to prevent players from falling to their doom
8-5 no longer possible to use beam to break the level
8-7 hanging platform now disappears after crate explodes
9-3 no longer possible to strand the player if second switch is hit quickly after the first
9-7 added a check to validate placement of rotating beams
11-2 removed a game breaking barrel
11-5 revised kill collider to improve byte access
12-5 no longer possible to strand the player based on switch order
12-6 added more colliders on outer walls
13-7 fixed gap in enemy trigger
14-1 disabled looping for annoying beam charging sound


Overhauled the special attack input method
Implemented a difficulty menu with option to increase player hitpoints
Added an adjustable gamepad deadzone to improve controls for players using analog sticks
Addressed UI problem on level select screen where completion % value disappears
Engaging the Steam overlay at level end no longer superimposes a pause menu which interferes with controls
Improved the accuracy of the continue menu action
In-game UI now shows level number and name
Level end stars are no longer displayed based on base time but instead net time


Reworked World 8 boss attacks and vulnerability
Addressed problem with down dash attack firing incorrectly when player initiates a jump
Addressed startup issue related to input configuration
Addressed player damage problem when backgrounds are disabled
Addressed problem on world 9.3 where beam would not harm player in certain circumstances
Addressed a collider issue on world 9.3