When a fascist computer virus takes over an old woman’s computer, a lone software program must battle against all odds to topple the regime. Watch in amazement as levels twist and turn during your adventure across the computer system. Upgrade your player to unleash devastating special attacks and fight your way to the top of the leaderboards.

  • 128 levels spread across 16 worlds
  • More than 800 leaderboards to challenge
  • Illustrated cutscenes bring the system to life
  • Unlock and upgrade special attacks
  • Incredible synthwave soundtrack
  • 15 enemy bosses to challenge your progress

Dynamic Levels
Close your eyes and imagine a platformer with carefully designed levels that fuse precision gameplay with mind-blowing combat. Now, imagine those features packed into a level that transforms as you play it. That’s right – whole levels rotate and transform in real-time to deliver a gaming experience like no other.

Precision Combat
Square off against a broad spectrum of ground and air based enemies determined to shut down your quest for freedom. Your adversaries don’t care how levels flip and contort – they never stop attacking. Stay on the lookout for attacks from every direction.

Fame and Glory
Are you the type of player that likes to speedrun levels and see how your times stack up against other players from around the world? With more than 800 leaderboards, Exception has you covered. Each level has a handful of leaderboards tracking times for different styles of play.

The Exception Soundtrack
There’s no better way to enjoy the Exception experience than with the volume cranked on the game’s incredible Synthwave soundtrack. Exception demands that you push your skills to the limit so it’s only fair to support that effort with a soundtrack that pushes gaming music to the limits. Exception includes nearly two-hours of incredible music from nine amazing artists. You’ll never want to quit playing.

Coming to Steam
Exception is a dedicated PC title with tight Steam integration. Play to unlock Steam Achievements. Keep track of your progress with Steam Stats. Collect Exception Cards for fun and profit. Embarrass your Steam friends with mesmerizing scores. It’s all here.

Exception Vital Stats
– 128 carefully designed levels set in 16 worlds
– 128 collectible items for upgrading special attacks
– 32 Steam achievements
– 17 illustrated cutscenes bring the Exception world to life
– 15 enemy bosses to dominate
– 6 unlockable special attacks to annihilate your opposition